Idea &  design          

A coherent alliance between contemporary interior design and historic Art Nouveau architecture.


Total area: 3000m². Spa over six floors. Hotel spa: 18m indoor pool, sauna, SANARIUM®, steam bath with conical steam chimney, luxury shower area with numerous types of showers and spherical water feature, bar, heated benches, open fireplace. Thermal suite: three “private sauna & steam pods”, RONDELLO sauna, heated outdoor pool, ice fountain, shower area, relaxation rooms.

From the outside, it’s a perfect Art Nouveau dream; from the inside, a sparkling spa jewel. Two whole floors were dedicated here to KLAFS bespoke quality spa fittings. The first floor is home to an exclusive spa area reserved for hotel guests and spa members only, and features a rustic sauna with a modern glass front. The SANARIUM® also features a full glass front, offering unobstructed views over to the 18m pool in the centre of the floor. On this floor, guests can relax in a futuristic steam bath with a conical steam chimney at its centre, and enjoy the curved luxury shower area with numerous different types of showers for cooling down. Further up on the sixth floor is the “Thermal Suite”, an area open to day visitors and guests looking to enjoy a spa or beauty treatment. Designed by Designsquared, KLAFS was responsible for installing the spa highlight of the ESPA Riga: three “private sauna & steam pods”, each containing two saunas or steam baths, form circular, closed “spa pods” for visitors to the thermal suite who would like to enjoy the privacy of a private spa. These special cabins, each of which can accommodate two people, offer guests virtual privacy in the midst of a public spa. To add to the variety, there’s also a curved RONDELLO sauna and an outdoor pool. Guests can cool down after their sauna in the KLAFS ice fountain, located next to the shower area.


Baznicas 4a