Idea & design                   

Majestic and elegantly modern: the powerful appeal of this spacious, vibrant yet harmonious building lies in its stark contrast to its natural surroundings. Athletic yet relaxed. And highly functional.


Total area: 825m². Separate spa areas for ladies and gents: sauna, SANARIUM®, steam bath, snow cabin, sensory bath, ice fountain and shower area, warm stone with thermal foot basin, relaxation room with fireplace.

One hundred years exactly after it was founded, FIFA laid the foundation stone for the “Home of FIFA”, its new headquarters, on a sunny slope by Zurich. The foundation stone rests on “the soil of all member countries” – a steel football, 1.3m in diameter, containing bags of soil from each country with a FIFA Association.

The architects restricted themselves here to a few select materials, which in turn give the building its unique character. Tilla Theus continued this theme in the spa area, where quartzite, Brazilian Amarelo Claro and hemlock wood dominate.